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Stronger blends!

We have recently doubled the strength of our unique line of aromatherapy. They are very powerful & efficient!!

We have added some new blends to our offerings as well. The personal challenges that we are seeing from our customers indicate the need for a stronger more efficient approach from the plant world.

We look to nature for  tools to calm, balance & rebuild. This process includes the physical, mental & emotional areas as well.

If you are unsure how to find your balance, please call us to schedule an appointment or consultation.

May good health be yours!

Welcome to Nurtured By Mother Nature!

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                   Plant based health & wellness products.
                                 Armada, Michigan

Your body has an amazing ability to balance and heal itself.  When we support this process with the wisdom of Mother Nature, this natural ability can be greatly enhanced.

Products and services found on this site can support the natural healing ability of the body.  Great care is taken in selecting the finest ingredients.  Certified organic ingredients are used when possible. Occasionally we use wild crafted plant material as well. We will not use GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients of any kind! 

For products and services tailored to your specific situation, please contact us directly.  We look forward to working with you in your efforts to regain or maintain good health.

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Disclaimer:  By law, only a doctor can diagnose you.  The FDA states that only products that can be patented (created by man) can cure, prevent or treat a disease.  Therefore, legally, no natural product can claim to cure, prevent or treat a disease.  Debby Solomon is not a doctor and therefore will not attempt to diagnose you.  Her goal is to help you discover some natural options that will help you stay balanced.  A balanced person will require far less assistance to prevent, cure or treat a disease.

Nurtured by Mother Nature is a registered LLC operating in the state of Michigan.

All products are proudly made in Armada, Michigan.