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Welcome to Nurtured By Mother Nature!

We're pleased to assist you regaining your birth right of health & vitality! We will confidently guide you with simple foods and plant based support. Our goal is to teach you how to re-learn the best ways to support the natural processes of the body, as your body is always cleaning and regenerating itself. 

Our mission is to guide you with powerful tools found in the natural world to clean & rebuild the many tissues of the body. As you partner with us you will learn how to use plant oils, foods & herbs to clean & rebuild all the different tissues in the body. As you clean the physical body, the emotional, mental & spiritual bodies will clean & rebuild as well. This process has unlimited potential! As you work through this process, your life will shift in many beneficial ways. Examples include; clarity of mind, less pain and inflammation, better digestion, calmer nervous system, better sleeping habits, patience, joy, happiness, etc. 


Nurtured By Mother Nature was created in 2004 by Debby Solomon. Debby shares some insight about how she was lead to this work;

"My passion for natural health began many years ago. Most of the conventional treatments for myself or my family just did not sit well with my gut (or intuition). Instead I would research natural alternatives & apply them with great success. I have resolved several decades of my own battles with sinus infections after finding aromatherapy and developing my own blends. I learned how the body has many reflex areas when I started working with reflexology. I gained a better understand of energy work while working for a NSA chiropractor and attuning to reiki.

Most recently I have trained under a world renowned doctor from Port Charlotte Florida, Dr. Robert Morse. Dr. Morse is still practicing and has spent 42 years regenerating TERMINAL patients! His teachings identify the cause of imbalance--instead of addressing symptoms. The main tools employed are diet modification & herbs. His success rate is in the 70 percentile with mostly terminal patients!! Dr. Morse was good friends with the late Bernard Jensen (the Grandfather of Iridology). I was taught the art of Iridology to identify the weak points of the individual and the cause of the imbalances.

When I found Dr. Morse I knew I needed to study with him, both for my own inner circle & everyone else who I would meet! Dr. Morse has gleaned such an amazing understanding of the human body/mind/spirit from studying doctors from 100+ years ago and has over 4 decades of clinical experience. I have obtained a sound understanding of the numerous imbalances we find ourselves in & have an art of relaying this information to people in a way that makes sense to them. I find when the person is able to understand the basics of why they are out of balance, they are much more likely to make choices towards better balance and stick with them.

I am the owner and creator of Nurtured By Mother Nature, LLC. An organic plant based approach to health & wellness, founded in 2004. My company began with the unique aromatherapy blends I developed for addressing imbalances and has grown from there. Aromatherapy blends work with the innate wisdom of the individual to rebalance the body, mind and soul. They change the individuals internal chemistry and vibration.

I am not a doctor and by law I can not diagnose anyone. However, I can make an individual aware of their weak areas and offer suggestions to make them stronger as well as help them understand how the area became weak in the first place. Depending on the individual, there are many tools they can choose to use. Each individual I work with receives a personalized plan for success. Iridology is the study of the iris - the colored part of the eye. The art of Iridology has been around since 1853. It is a great tool to help increase the awareness of the person’s situation. It is a spot-on tool that can even identify a developing weakness prior to the onset of symptoms! Once people are able to see the weakness in their own tissue, it answers a lot of their questions as to why they feel the way they do.

The mere absence of symptoms does not equal great health! When I do workshops I like to empower people with ways to check in on their own health in the privacy of their own home with very simple tools. With a thermometer a person can check on their thyroid heath. A blood pressure read (actually two; one on each arm) will reveal the strength of the kidneys and the adrenals. By viewing your own urine, you can tell if you are removing the lymphatic waste. Waste is created by the chemical processes taking place in our tissues daily. What is not being removed is collecting and causing internal damage. This is one of todays biggest issues, resulting in acne, eczema, fibroids, tumors and the like.

I appreciate you taking time to understand a bit more about who I am and the gifts I wish to share more of. I would love to discuss how we can work together for greater health in body, mind & spirit.

May the blessing be!