Iridology - the study of the iris - the colored part of the eye.


Discover the fascinating art and science that was discovered in 1861, over 150 years ago!  By studying the iris (the colored part of the eye) we are able to look inside and “see” the condition of the entire body, including all the internal organs. This knowledge can help you strengthen your weak areas, often before symptoms are even realized.

High detailed images of both eyes are used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the organs and tissues. This information is gathered with no risk of harm to the person.

Want to see what your eyes reveal??  We'll photograph both eyes and provide you with a printed or digital copy for your records. We will also identify your top for weaknesses. Within 20 minutes we can reveal to you where you should be spending your time and efforts for the maximum results. These pictures will give you much detail to work from for years to come. Your eyes will change as you health does, however you do not need to retake these images for atleast a year after taking the originals. $77

Optional consults are HIGHLY recommended with your iridology photographs. The fee for initial consult is $100 and takes approximately 90 minutes. You will be provided with a personalized plan including diet modifications, herbal & aromatherapy suggestions. It is suggested that you bring along a friend or family member with you to help take notes so you may just listen at your consults. A wealth of information is shared and it can be overwhelming to take it all in. Follow up consults are scheduled as needed and are $1 per minute.

Iridology and consults are provided by Debby Solomon. Click here to learn more about Debby.

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